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Ilender looks at communities’ development as a value, and it is in this context where it operates by directing the Social Responsibility of the Corporation

The area of Corporate Social Responsibility of ilender was created to manage the strategy of social responsibility of the companies of Armejo Group. Its mission is to qualify the social action contributing to the competitiveness of business in a responsible manner and generating wealth in the environment, developing the communities with which we have direct and indirect contact in a sustainable way.

The main program of Social Responsibility that we carry is +Future.

It is a comprehensive educational intervention proposal, which seeks to improve the development of basic competencies in the areas that present a greater challenge: mathematics, communication and tutoring, but with an additional ingredient, the class of values, a vital part of the problem of child's learning.

The program envisages an intervention not only directly with adolescents, but, under a comprehensive perspective, working at parent level, principals and teachers of area. But in addition, strengthening the educational institution and building bridges with corresponding institutions:
UGEL, DEMUNA, Town council, Delegacy, and APAFA. 

In this way, the work is developed in a sustainable manner and strengthens the community as a whole.

“Education is the foundation of sustainable development, because people formed for good ensure prosperous societies".

Antonio Armejo