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ilender is a Peruvian company with more than 30 years in poultry industry

We work with a team of professionals with high trajectory to provide the best value proposition through reliable solutions and programs, developing strategic alliances together with our customers in the search for innovation and continuous improvement.

In ilender, quality and confidence is the differentiator, we have one of the most modern veterinary pharmaceutical plants in the world, we are committed to ensure bio safety with the purpose of nurturing families with the best quality protein.


Meet the needs of our customers with solutions that generate value, developing a talented team committed to the values of the Corporation.


Be a global corporation, committed to innovation and oriented to the generation of value for our customers through reliable solutions.


Ethics + Commitment + Respect +
Spirit of Service


  1. 1989

  2. 1990

  3. 1992

  4. 1993

    Start of operations in Bolivia, Chile, Colombia and Venezuela
  5. 1995

    The first foot aditive Actigrow Lincomicina
  6. 1999

    First participation in the Latin American Poultry
  7. 2001

    Start of operations in Central America
  8. 2005

    Obtaining certification ISO:9001:2000
  9. 2007

    Acquisition of the area of animal nutrition BASF Peru
  10. 2012

    Office opening in Mexico
  11. 2013

    Agreement with UNMSM and North Carolina State University
  12. 2015

    Start of production in the new factory Santa Clara
  13. 2016

  14. 2018

    Start of operations in Canada
  15. 2019

  16. 2020

  17. 2022

  18. 2023